Monday, September 8, 2008

Female Cat Spray and Cat Spray Cleaning

Cleaning cat spray really isn't all that hard. The best way I have found to clean cat spray is to get you some baking soda and vinegar. Baking soda and Vinegar both seem to neutralize the cat spray odor.

Whatever you do do not use Ammonia to clean Cat Spray as that will only make matter worse. I have 9 cats and all of them spray. I hate cat spray, so I don't let them inside anymore. I used to let one or two favories come in the house, until they started spraying every where, and I dont know about you but I hate the cat spray smell and having to clean cat spray up.

I personally dont believe in fixing animals, though theres nothing wrong with that if thats your choice, and to be quite honest with you you're always gonna have cat spray around if you have any cats at all.

So do female cats spray? Yes female cats definately spray, just like male cats. Females start spraying very early in life just like the males do. Some cats spray as soon as 8 weeks old. You can always tell when your cat is spraying because they lift there tail up in the air and it kinda vibrates back and forth.

You may not be able to immidately smell cat spray but give it enough time and it will be come apparant that you cat is spraying.

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