Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cat Spray and How I Delt With Cat Spray

So you wanna know about cat spray, and if female cats spray and how they do it. First off, yes female cats do spray just like male cats spray.

Cat Spray is made up of a combination of pheromones and urine that the cat sprays. Cat spray in order to mark there territory or signal that they are in heat.

Cats spray as early as 6 weeks although there not really spraying there just going through the motions. I usually use baking soda and vinegar in order to get rid of the cat spray smell. Heres a good example of how I got rid of the nasty cat spray smell one time.

I once had a cat who had gotten bad about spraying in the vents of my vehicle. Before I cleared up the cat spray smell I had to stop him from doing it first, I broke him by placing little glue traps over the vents of my truck. It was real obvious which one it was when I had to peel the traps off his little feet.

To get rid of the cat spray I used vinegar and baking soda, first I poured about a half a pint of vinegar in a five gallon bucket of water and poured it into my truck vents. I then took a little box of baking soda and mixed it with another five gallon bucket of water and poured it down the vents....and walllaaa, no more cat spray smell.

I used to have 9 cats all together so I know how frustrating it can be to get rid of the cat spray smell. I did did get help from a guide written by two vets, to check it out just click this link
>>> Cat Spray Guide

Here is another trick I once used to keep my cats from spraying all over the place. As I use to let a select few in the house, but no more. Heres what I did, I went and got a scratch post and bought some extra cat nip and sprinkled it all over it.

Now instead of them spraying cat spray all over my couch and chairs they started using the scratch post. Believe me this little trick was a life saver. I have since stopped all my cats from coming inside as its just to much of a hassle.

For some really good tips and advice on dealing with cat spray I highly recommend you take a look at this guide that was written by two vets.
>>> Cat Spray Guide


Sparhawke said...

I never even considered using vinegar added to the baking soda, what a great little tip :)

Jodi said...

Found information very helpful. My cat just started spraying occasionally.